Post Brexit, Re-gain your EU rights with ease on D7 or D2 Portuguese Visas

Portuguese Property Investment

We select only the best property partners to work with in Portugal. Our property partners have agreed to exclusively advertise their developments in Asia through GVP Life Limited owing to the faith that they place in us to find the best clientele and guide them appropriately to making wise and sensible investment choices.

The property partners we work with are dedicated to modernizing Portuguese cities while maintaining the country’s charming and authentic identity.

Each of our property partners maintain experienced teams, cutting edge technology and a network of associates within Portugal that enables them to operate in many sectors of the property market - from project management and construction all the way up to fiscal auditing, sales and post-sales services and renovations works.

Each of our property partners are committed to revitalizing a traditional and historical country without erasing the history or compromising the architectural value and authenticity. By doing this, we ensure our clients never fall foul of ‘get rich quick’ developments which draw negative attention from the Portuguese government and which ensure the potential for long term high yield investments.

By working with reliable and trustworthy property partners that are committed to providing the finest developments, we have established an extensive portfolio of domestic and international investors. This has been achieved by our essential commitment to ensuring that our property partners are signed up to produce work which is up to the highest standards.

At the core of our business model we put our clients first: a satisfied client is better than any advertisement.

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